Pleasant Homes Lift

One of our more complex projects this year was a three-camera shoot and drone work of a modular home being craned into a confined space.

We were able to shoot and produce the video for the client in two days.

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The Blooper Real

When conducting interviews for award gala videos, people can get a little tongue-tied and make mistakes. One of the value ads that we provide clients on gala and event projects is the blooper reel, which is often a highlight of the evening. The above video is a blooper real from our Gala Project we did for the Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce.

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How To Make A Facebook Cover Page

One of the most frustrating things is making a Facebook cover page for your business only to find it looks great on your laptop, but awful on a phone. In this video, we talk about the different sizes of Facebook cover and how to find the sweet spot to design one that works every time.

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